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Yelp Now In Your BMW In-Dash Display

BMW announced today that they updated it’s In-Dash Display to include Yelp. Drivers of vehicles equipped with BMW Online will be able to access Yelp through an uploadable app on the new applications screen that was added with the BMW Online update.
Yelp uses reviews in a social network functionality for consumers to create a local on-line community. Its basically a reputation based search engine where local users can rate a business based off of personal experience- the new word of mouth.  So while crusing around in your BMW, you can go to the Yelp App and find a restaurant and it’s reviews.

The article listed below, states “Yelp isn’t the first embedded application BMW has added to vehicles. BMW Online also offers customers Google search capability and access to Bloomberg news from the in-dash display. Nor will Yelp be the last–a BMW spokesperson indicated that the company will offer more downloadable applications in the future at the same time it is also pursuing more smartphone-based application integrations for ConnectedDrive.”
Here is the link to the article.

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Speeding Tickets from Space?

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Another new technology is being tested to reduce speeding.  For those of us who have a heavy foot and tend to drive fast, this isn’t good news.  Radar detectors and other such devices may become obsolete if the “Speedspike” system takes off.   The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be able to handle short bursts of speed (at least not yet), but can measure accurate speeds over long distances.  So if you’re planning on driving that BMW Convertible or Maserati convertible on your next road trip, enjoy the speed while  you can.

From a post on Slashdot and an article on the UK news site The Telegraph, here are some more details:

Satellites being used to catch speeders as a test in the UK

Satellites being used to catch speeders as a test in the UK - image from

A new kind of speed camera that uses satellites to measure average speed over long distances is being tested in Britain. The “Speedspike” system combines plate reading technology with a global positioning satellite receiver to calculate average speed between any two points in the area being monitored. From the article: “Details of the trials are contained in a House of Commons report. The company said in its evidence that the cameras enabled ‘number plate capture in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day.’ It also referred to the system’s ‘low cost’ and ease of installation.” I can’t wait to see the episode of MythBusters where they try to avoid getting a speeding ticket from a satellite.

At millions of dollars a pop, satellites aren’t exactly “affordable” but I suppose that the increased revenue from all the new speeding tickets, without the costs of adding more policemen, could make this pay for itself pretty quickly.

License number plate capture regardless of weather conditi0ns…wow. That’s pretty amazing.

Happy and safe driving!

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The Great Customer Reviews Keep on Coming

We’ve shared how one of the best parts of selling beautiful used luxury cars is hearing great feedback from happy clients.  This includes referrals, repeat customers, and sharing their experience with us on review sites and directories.  Here’s one that one of our clients posted on the Select Luxury Cars page on Bing Local:

Select Luxury Cars atlanta car dealership review on bing

Actual customer review on Bing for Select Luxury Cars

Doug really helped me throughout the sales process. I felt like I was helped into buying, not pushed into buying. All of my questions were answered, even a couple of questions I had after I bought my car. I’ve already sent a few friends here when they were looking for a quality used car at a fair price.

CarAficionadoMarch 8, 2010

And here’s one that another customer posted about us on the Select Luxury Cars profile page on CitySearch:

Luxury and cars at its BEST

by carguy5oh at Citysearch

Select Luxury Cars is a first class dealership. I have never been able to say about another dealership, that my entire experience was memorable and completely positive, but at select luxury cars I was welcomed and treated with respect and professionalism. All the staff were very friendly and accomodating. Finance was prearranged and a breeze. Car was an absolute dream and looked better in person then on any of the 30 plus photos. I felt as though I was a priority guest and not just another car being rotated off the lot. I highly recommend Select Luxury to ALL. They are a great organization and a fabulous group of people. They definately know their stuff and have it down to a T.

  • Pros: personal service and high standard of excellence
  • Cons: none

(he gave us a 5-star rating – thank you!)

If you’ve done business with us, would you mind taking a couple of minutes to help us help more people get their dream cars?  We’d certainly appreciate it!   Just visit the pages above and write an honest review about your experience with our luxury car dealership in Marietta, GA.  Or if you prefer to write a review on another site, we’d appreciate that too. Here are a couple to make it easy for you:

Select Luxury Cars on Yahoo! Local

Select Luxury Cars on Yelp

Select Luxury Cars on MerchantCircle

Select Luxury Cars on

Or if you have another favorite, feel free to share your experience there.

We know that these days, people do their homework online before buying a used car, getting a car loan, or any other major purchase.  Having a number of customer reviews on several sites helps customers make a more educated decision about the company they’re about to do business with, and that also helps us keep our marketing and advertising costs down so we can keep our prices competitive.  It’s a win-win for everyone, so we thank you in advance for your time !

Or if you’d like to contact us directly, feel free to visit our Atlanta used luxury car dealership at 985 Cobb Parkway South. Marietta, GA 30060, mail us at P.O. Box 6397, Marietta, GA 30065-0397, call us at 770-421-0070 or toll free at 1-800-283-7224, or email

Like the guys at Bartle’s & Jayme’s used to say in their 1980’s ads, thanks for your support.  (Just don’t mix wine coolers or other alcohol with driving!)

11 Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Here’s a useful post on Jalopnik about getting your car ready for summer. Whether you’re in a Mercedes-Benz or an AMC Pacer, it’s important to take car of the basic maintenance (or have a good mechanic take care of it for you) so that your car is ready for summer and doesn’t suffer any unnecessary wear and tear that would negatively impact its resale value or detract from the sheer joy of driving.

tips to make sure your car is ready for summer

Summerize your car

 So on to the things to check to ensure your car is ready for summer:

1) Tires.  Make sure they’re properly inflated & don’t have excessive or unusual wear.

2) Get your brakes inspected. 

3) Wash thoroughly – especially if you live in an area where they use salt on the roads in the wintertime.  Wash the undercarriage, wheel wells, & the engine compartment in addition to that nice shiny paint job. 

4) Check your oil / change your oil.

5) Check your coolant.

6) Check your transmission fluid.

7) Check your power steering fluid.

8) Check your brake fluid.

9) Check your battery.

10) Fix the little things.  Lots of little things tend to break more easily in the winter time.  So fix those little rattles, broken trim, and so on.  It probably won’t make much, if any, difference on your car’s performance, but a car without annoying flaws is just more fun to drive.

11) Change your windshield wipers.   

I’m not sure why they didn’t mention this in the article, but making sure your air conditi0ning works properly seems like a no-brainer to me, especially since our dealership is in the Atlanta area where it does get hot & humid in the summer time. 

Of course all of these are basic routine maintenance no matter what the season, but summer is for fun and making sure your car is ready for it can make your summer just a touch more enjoyable.

Or if you’re ready to buy a convertible, just visit us online at  Everyone should have a convertible at least once in their life.  I’ve had two so far…

2007 BMW 530xT

This BMW 530xT is an incredible car, and just one owner, and less than 52,000 miles its priced to sell! It features all the modern day conveniences you have come to expect from a BMW, including front and rear parking sensors, iDrive with navigation, as well as a push button ignition.

  • Only one owner!
  • Four new Michelin tires!
  • Stunning Panoramic roof!
  • Premium and Navigation packages!
  • Xenon headlamps!
  • Lumbar support!
  • Park distance control!
  • Carfax certified!

This video of a 2007 BMW 530xT  was filmed in the showroom at the Select Luxury Cars dealership at 985 Cobb Parkway South, Marietta GA 30065.  Select Luxury Cars is a used car dealership near Atlanta that specializes in pre-owned luxury automobiles, performance autos, exotic sports cars and collectible vehicles. You can view current inventory, as well as FAQs or general information via our website, or call 770-421-0070 or 1-800-283-7224

Newcomers- 2009 BMW 750Li

I can’t even describe what a big improvement this car is from its predecessor. It features the latest generation of BMW’s notoriously bad iDirve, as well as an ergonomically correct shifter, and seat functions. The latest generation seven series also looks much better on the inside than the previous one. The overall feel, and design of the cockpit is just outstanding, and the ambient light at night is unlike any other.

BMW 7 Exterior

The new 4.4L V8 twin turbocharged engine is a screamer, putting out over 400HP and 450 pound-feet of torque. A six speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting mode, delivers the power to the rear wheels. There are four settings you can choose to adjust the response and speed of the transmission, as well as the shock absorber firmness, and the throttle response which are all a part of BMW’s Driving Dynamic system. I personally love the new motor being that it moves the new 7 Series almost effortlessly. It is by far the best turbocharged motor I’ve ever driven.

BMW 7 Interior

The exterior styling is also much nicer than its predecessor. The lines are more smooth, and flow much better towards the rear of the car. The interior is very simple to use, and is almost better than that of the Panamera. The iDrive is a definite step up from its outgoing brother, however there are still improvements to be made. I love the new larger screen, and the way things are ordered in a list form- rather than bumping the knob to the left or right to choose which feature you would like to use. Radio preset buttons are also a huge welcome, as well as the climate system with its own display.

BMW 7 Interior RSE

If you have any questions about what any of these features do, or have a purchase interest, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment! Select Luxury is here for YOU! Please let us know how we can better serve you, or if you have any suggestions for future posts.

2006 Rolls Royce Phantom

January 12, 2010 1 comment

You come across a car like this once in a blue moon- Something special, unique, and different. The Rolls Royce Phantom is one of my favorite cars of all time because of the amount of luxuries, capabilities, and style it features.

Rolls Royce Exterior

Its a button pusher- Push the key in, Push the button, motor starts. Push the button, and the rear doors swing closed. Push a button, and the Navigation screen appears- bringing its control knob with it. Push a button, and the Sprit of Ectasy hides in the bonnet keeping her safe from any thief. Bush the button, and the umbrellas pop out of the door (Which are heated to dry the umbrella for next usage). Push the button, and the trunk closes. Funny thing is, I haven’t even scratched the surface.

Even though BMW purchased Rolls Royce several years back, this car remains distinctively Rolls- even after nearly 100 years of production. It has one of the smoothest rides I’ve ever experienced. Its as if the suspension and ride are so smooth, it seems you just glide along. It really is the best of the best.

Rolls Royce Interior

This particular car has one previous owner, and just over 30,000 miles, with a tan interior, and a Blue Velvet exterior.

  • Major Service has been completed.
  • Excellent condition
  • Picnic Tables, and rear seat entertainment
  • Heated seats for all passengers, and power closing rear doors
  • Chrome option + Sunroof
  • Much much more!

For more information and photos, please click here.

Rolls Roce rear 3/4

If you have any questions about what any of these features do, or have a purchase interest, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment! Select Luxury is here for YOU! Please let us know how we can better serve you, or if you have any suggestions for future posts.

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