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Newcomers- 2009 BMW 750Li

I can’t even describe what a big improvement this car is from its predecessor. It features the latest generation of BMW’s notoriously bad iDirve, as well as an ergonomically correct shifter, and seat functions. The latest generation seven series also looks much better on the inside than the previous one. The overall feel, and design of the cockpit is just outstanding, and the ambient light at night is unlike any other.

BMW 7 Exterior

The new 4.4L V8 twin turbocharged engine is a screamer, putting out over 400HP and 450 pound-feet of torque. A six speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting mode, delivers the power to the rear wheels. There are four settings you can choose to adjust the response and speed of the transmission, as well as the shock absorber firmness, and the throttle response which are all a part of BMW’s Driving Dynamic system. I personally love the new motor being that it moves the new 7 Series almost effortlessly. It is by far the best turbocharged motor I’ve ever driven.

BMW 7 Interior

The exterior styling is also much nicer than its predecessor. The lines are more smooth, and flow much better towards the rear of the car. The interior is very simple to use, and is almost better than that of the Panamera. The iDrive is a definite step up from its outgoing brother, however there are still improvements to be made. I love the new larger screen, and the way things are ordered in a list form- rather than bumping the knob to the left or right to choose which feature you would like to use. Radio preset buttons are also a huge welcome, as well as the climate system with its own display.

BMW 7 Interior RSE

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