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(Looks, Composition, acceleration, revving, Superior price)  A GUIDE FOR BUYING AT SELECT LUXURY CARS

This is what the blog will be named.                                                                                                                    

Bigger letters matter more, but without all of them none would matter at all.

Luxury: if you look really closely before the C then you can see an L which stands for luxury, as in my mom saw a car commercial and said that she would want a car like that, the outside looks luxurious and so do the seats, but it’s no bat mobile! The car she saw was later linked to multiple cars swerving off road and the steering wheel would jam if you tried to U-turn (or turn at all).  And don’t get me wrong luxurious looks mater (but without the tow) not that much however. So if you see a real nice car and you want to buy it then follow these next 4 steps and you’ll be set.

Composition: If the car has bad composition (overall pieces of the car) then it would fall apart.

Acceleration: this one pretty much speaks for itself. (You don’t want a slow car do you?)

Revving: this is of lesser importance, but the revving of the engine will make a BIG difference if it will make much more noise than a coughing and sputtering noise. (Just don’t ruin everyone’s peaceful morning).

                Superior price: the most important component           (composition’s runner up) to looking for and buying a superior car at SLC (select luxury cars) All the cars are priced evenly and are great deals overall.

So this was the first blog.

It should update every two weeks and will have new car notifications, deals, guides, information and acronyms.

Flame out!

Annnd I’m never saying that again. EVER.

Greg Pultz


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