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My Daughters Car

So I got my daughter a car (Mazda Protégé) on Craig’s List last week. It turned out to be a pretty good car. It needed some minor TLC, as expected, but overall it was a good deal. We had to buy new tires. I will not name the brand. Being a 1998 model, I figured I would save some money by purchasing a set of discount tires. What a Big Mistake!!
Saturday night I was driving the car when the inside of one tire shredded and blew off the rim. It was a very scary thing to have happen at 60 mph. I’m just glad it happened when I was driving the car and not her. I took the car to have the tire replaced. They took the old tire (new tire) off the rim and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire inside of the tire was completely shredded and came spilling out. The guy at the tire place told me that brand of tire is a very cheap brand and they do not sell it at their place because of too many problems. So the lesson I learned this weekend was not to take the cheap route when it comes to my child’s safety behind the wheel and to ALWAYS do better when researching parts for her car. I suggest you all do the same.

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