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The Few in Our Lives

Here is a quick story about the “few” individuals we all encounter in our daily lives. A few weeks ago I met a terrific customer. To protect her identity, we will call her Becky. Becky is one of our local Atlanta professionals who has done well in her profession and is a successful attorney in her field. Becky came into our showroom and was given the same welcome and greeting I give folks when they come to visit us at Select. She was interested in a particular red coupe, which she had researched prior to visiting the dealership. Becky, I might add, is a repeat Select Luxury client.

I have to preface this next paragraph with this: we all have to deal with the “few”. The “few” are individuals in our lives that just drive us nuts. Whether they are family members, our politicians, media outlets, co-workers, or our local LAW ENFORCEMENT, we all have met the “few”. This story is about one of the above.

I walk Becky through the car’s features and she decides she’s ready for a test drive. We go on one our regular route, but Becky decides take a detour. She chooses to go down a particular street dotted with aging strip malls, motels, bus stops, and apartment complexes. Once notorious for illegal night activities, this is an area I stay clear of because it reminds me of certain streets from my boyhood neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Less than a minute after tuning onto this street, a local Sheriff pulled over Becky and me as we continued our test drive in the bright red sports car. This is where the experience gets annoying, funny, or disturbing (depending on your perspective). Oh, I forgot to mention that Becky is an attractive, 30-something-year-old woman with blond hair and an outgoing, no-nonsense attitude. (Some of you may know me from our website picture). This OFFICER decided to be curious about me and this blond woman test driving a bright red sports car down Marietta’s Franklin Road. As we pull over and roll down the windows to answer their questions, it is clear that the Sheriff on the passenger side (my side), is visibly uncomfortable with the situation and his partners inappropriate behavior.

Knowing that Sheriffs don’t usually stop vehicles, I commented, “You guys usually don’t pull people over on traffic stops.” He replied tepidly, “Sometimes we do.”

His partner on the driver’s side of the car was a bit more colorful with his rhetoric. Becky asked the officer if everything was okay, since she had committed no moving violation.
The Sheriff responded,” I just want to make sure everything is okay since I noticed you are driving with no drive out tag.”
Readers, please note that our dealership (whose name was clearly visible on the tag), is one of the most successful, high line and exotic dealerships in the Atlanta market, and has been for the last 17 years.

The bottom line is that this person is one of the “few” individuals we encounter daily who make the rest look really bad. Think about it, most of us are invariably good people and do the right thing. Unfortunately, it’s the few bad Cops, salespeople, media outlets, politicians, you name a profession whose actions (and often poor judgment) cause us to be skeptical about folks being willing to do the right thing.

Now, I’ll end with this. This particular sheriff’s deputy was extremely curious about the test drive with our customer. In my opinion, was he being… wait for it, curious-ist? (new word I invented) Anyway, the customer purchased the car and is enjoying it with her family. The deputy in this story is still sitting at QT killing time until serves his next garnishment form or child support order from the Court or until he decides to be CURIOUS again. The “few” in our lives, can we live without them?

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