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Did You Know…? Insurance Costs!

Do you know if your auto insurance carrier offers additional discounts? My wife and I bought our daughter a car and titled it in her name. We called GEICO to remove her from our policy and start her own. During the enrollment, the representative asked her questions about her driving and college. To my surprise, she was entitled to discounts for:

 Being a college student
 High GPA
 Never being in an accident
 Completing a defensive driving course
 Completing Driver’s Education in high school

Since she attends college out of state, we signed up for membership with AAA so she could have road side assistance. Our AAA Premier Membership benefits includes more than car rentals and discounts at hotels. We can take advantage of savings on:

 Pet friendly discounts at retailers, including Walmart.com and Target.com
 Resorts and Disney vacations
 Products and Services including LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

We also discovered our membership will offer discounts for routine eye exams, lenses and eyewear at participating Target and Pearle Vision.

So when you get an opportunity, check with your auto insurance carrier to find out what discounts are available to you and your family.

Mike Goodall

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