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Select Stories: BMW Betty

The following is  a true story of one of my past customers:

Whenever I sell a BMW I am reminded of a twenty-something lady I know, let’s call her Betty… desperately seeking a BMW.

A few years ago I met Betty, a smart young lady with a great job. She had to give up the car of her dreams and  ”her status”… her brand spanking new BMW. Her dad warned her of signing a lease, having foresight about the lousy economy, but she was sure in her heart that she could sustain her car payments. After all Betty thought, ” I’m making good money and have a hefty saving account to boot and besides, if I can’t make the payment, Dad will.”

Then, her life plan fell apart. One month after signing, she lost her job, and started the dreaded job search. Unable to find a good paying job, and unable to sustain her car payments, her savings dwindled and she was against the wall. “This was a learning experience for her,” Dad said.  He had warned her of how unpredictable life can be. After all, he knew all his children had to make their own mistakes and pay the consequences. Betty cried all the way to the dealership with the car. Dad did help out. He offered to loan her the old SUV family car so she could get around. Then, one month after turning in the key to her BMW, she found the job of her dreams with a salary to die for. ” How I could have this luck”, she wailed.” If only I had waited. Oh well, she thought. “I will re-establish myself and get my BMW. I’m ambitious, I will make it.”

Well it’s been a few years since turning in that BMW and a few years of hard work to get her savings back up, but Betty’s Back and Beaming for that BMW.  She’s ready and set to get herself back in the driver’s seat of her dream car.  This time, she’s taking a more conservative approach. Betty called me at Select Luxury Cars, to find her a pre-owned BMW. And why not, she’s made it!!

Betty knows our mission is to provide the world market with the highest quality pre-owned luxury automobiles at a great value. We stand behind every car sale.

James Younis

Select Luxury Cars, located in Marietta, Ga. on Highway 41, hand “Selects” every vehicle. We specialize in the highest quality automobile made all over the world. Whether you live here in the Atlanta area or anywhere around the world, we will find the exact car you are dreaming of. If you are looking for a Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari or other high end model, begin your search here.

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