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Lamborghini SUV Concept

Lamborghini is adding another component to its arsenal, which currently includes the sports cars Gallardo (V10, $180k and Aventador (V12, $375k). This time, however, they are introducing an SUV known as the Urus (CNN).

The decision to create an SUV rather than sedan in part hinges on the belief that sedans are “less emotional”, as one Lamborghini spokesperson put it. With  Bentley’s recent release of it’s own SUV concept, and data from Ford showing that one in three vehicles purchased in the US last year were SUVs, the Italian super-automaker is making a competitive business decision.
The basic design resembles the BMW X6, and represents a new class of high-end SUV crossovers soon to erupt in the industry. The Porsche Cayenne and Panamera may have been precursors to the diversification of vehicle type among elite manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Bentley. Soon we may expect other top names like Ferrari and Aston Martin to apply their engineering and design concepts to a sports utility vehicle.
Despite its resemblance to the X6, the Lamborghini Urus would certainly overshadow it with a 640 horsepower engine and price tag well into the high $100k’s. It would also feature handling in the scope of Lamborghini sports cars, and cameras in the place of side view mirrors to check  your blind spots.
As Lamborghini currently sells 2000 cars a year, they would plan to make 3000 of the Urus available to the market. The design concept, production plan, and unconventional approach for the sports car automaker point to a new class of high ticket vehicle that will develop further in years to come.
Inaya Sabbak
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