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Porsche Panamera…The family man’s sportscar.

Are you to the point in your life where you have the sportscar itch? Do you still have a family that depends on you for transportation? Can’t justify a second “fun” car? Enter the Porsche Panamera. This 4 door sportscar from Porsche may be just what the doctor ordered. In a quest to increase sales, the Panamera was introduced as a 2010 model. The Panamera is available in several different trim levels. There is a box on the order form for all-wheel drive. The entry level comes with a 300hp V-6. The Panamera S has a 400hp V-8. Of course Porsche didn’t stop there, offering a 500hp Turbo V-8 as well. In this gearheads opinion, you should opt at least for the S model. It sounds mean and won’t let the boy racers out there get the better of you. The V-6 just lacks the power to move such a heavy car gracefully. The Turbo is the beast of the bunch, blasting to 60 mph in under 4 seconds.

In typical Porsche fashion, the option list is long and the price can go up very quickly. The good news is, you can get your Panamera just the way you want it. The exterior styling of the Panamera is still up for debate. Trying to keep with its heritage they rounded the backend to resemble the 911. The interior is absolutely beautiful. Once you are seated in the car, you feel like you got into the cockpit of a fighter jet. The build quality and materials used are world class. The optional heated and ventilated seats offer firm support. It is comfortable for taller people as well. The upgrade Bose sound system is good but the available Burmester system is even better. As mentioned before, the option list goes on and on.

The car is not a nimble as a 911, but it is also much heavier and will seat 4 people in sporty luxury. It drives smaller than it is and will satisfy you sportscar itch. I have recently driven both the Panamera S and the Panamera Turbo with the powerkit ($21k option that takes it to 540hp). The S is a great everyday driver with plenty of power, decent chassis dynamic and great brakes. The Turbo is a straight line rocket that will make most exotic owners realize they just lost to a 4 door with two grinning kids in the back. If you want a sportscar but need 4 doors, I advise you to take a hard look at the Porsche Panamera.

Carguy Michael

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