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Journey of My Sales Career

My wife and I were talking about the different dealerships I worked at over the years.  I am amazed at how I got into the car business and sustained.  I used to drive a roll-off truck for a sanitation company.  One day sitting at a red light I felt there was more in life than this job.  I went back to the office and quit without knowing what I was going to do. Needless to say, with a toddler and a baby on the way, this did not make my wife very happy.  A friend of mine suggested I get into car sales.  Without experience but a lot of knowledge about cars, I gave it a try.  A few days later, I was off and running.

I worked at Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda and BMW.  I was fortunate to be the top salesman at every dealership I worked.  I seemed to have found the profession I was good at and enjoyed.  Car sales have come such a long way from chasing the customer when they pull onto the lot. When I started in this business, I felt like I was hustling for a customer (almost opening the door before they put their car in park) to the more refined Internet sales.

I never forget how nervous I was when I began working for BMW.  On my first day, one of the senior salesman, who had been there for 10 years, said to me, “Black people have never made it at this dealership.”  I didn’t let that discourage me and I was proud when I became his boss 2 ½ years later.  The car business is an ever-changing industry.  A good salesperson must be willing to adapt and continue to learn how to succeed.  The old school salesperson cannot keep up with the pace of the new generation of high tech customers. Some customers are more knowledgeable about the car they want to buy than the salesperson.  A good salesperson will know their competitors as well as (or even better) than they know their own product.

Over the years, I trained a lot of people new to car sales and taught them a lot of what I know.  For me, with all of my experience, I am always open to learning more.  I was taught you never stop growing, learning and trying to become better in your career.  When you get to the point when you think you know it all, that will be the day you start your downfall in whatever career you are in.   Continue learning and start to follow the new trends in your field so you will always remain top notch.

Mike Goodall

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