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Pure, Undeniable Class: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.

What weighs 5,800 pounds, has 453 HP and does 0-60 in just 5.7 seconds? Not some souped up Ford F-150, and not a monster truck. Its not even an SUV. No, this is something much, much classier: the Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe.

Its truly hard to put into words just how big this car feels. Its an incredible 18.5 feet long and is entirely hand made. Every single inch of the car is wrapped in leather, surfaced with hand crafted wood, or carefully shaped aluminum. Wrapped in a Blue Velvet paint color, its easy to see why this car gets called a land yacht. The engine is a hand made V12 that features the iconic Rolls Royce 6.75 liters of displacement. That engine coupled with the automatic transmission produces an astonishing 531 torques which makes acceleration feel effortless. In fact, Rolls Royce says that at 70 mph on the highway, that mighty engine uses only 10% of its available power, put your foot down and the Drophead swooshes to speeds close to 150 mph. What is truly spectacular is just how smooth riding this car really is. It truly feels like you are on a hand stitched leather cloud when you are driving around. The auto leveling suspension takes care of everything you could worry about, all you need to do is just sit back and soak in the pomp and circumstance.

Details are everywhere and the more time you spend with the car, the more you appreciate just how much work goes into the most expensive Rolls Royce ever. Each side of the coach doors has its own built in Rolls Royce umbrella, and the doors are electronically closed. The classic Rolls Royce clock disappears behind the dash in favor of a sharp LCD screen displaying settings and audio options. There are even signature Rolls Royce ash trays in each of the doors, just pull gently and they come right out. The entire car is full of carefully crafted details, and almost every panel has something to hide. From the cup holders in the floor panel to the seat controls under the center console, unless you go looking for things, all you see is mahogany and leather.

Tap the centered button on the dash and the 450 watt Logic 7 sound system comes to life through 15 individual speakers but the most impressive sight is straight up, out the windshield. The hood is absolutely enormous! Focus your eyes on the distinct Spirit of Ecstasy and you can see why its compared to a boat, it just seems to float on the road. But we have yet to get to the Drophead’s beat feature: the head drops! Open the center console and push that magic button, and the classic cloth top disappears behind a teak deck over the trunk and you are ready to go for a cruise with the wind in your hair. The back seat is surprisingly small considering the size of the car, but 4 adults can fit in the Drophead with comfort. The concept of the suicide doors does make it difficult to get in and out of the back of the car without having the doors 100% extended, however.

The coupe features a double trunk, opening like an SUV for easy access to getting as much stuff in the back as you can fit, although that may not be as much as you expected. The car does not have a huge trunk, as most of the space is taken up by the convertible top and that lengthy hood. The Rolls Royce is hardly a driver’s car, and it knows that considering how much car you can have for $498,000. No, rather the Drophead Coupe is something more: its luxury on a whole new level, the modernized version of the times when cars were the embodiment of our wealth and creativity. The Drophead is a car for someone who wants to drive around in style; for someone who wants to feel like they belong on the beach somewhere in the Hamptons or Pebble Beach. The Phantom Drophead Coupe is one thing, and one thing only: classy, on a scale you have to see to believe.

-Lincoln Fantaski
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