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Danica Patrick Unharmed and Unperturbed after Recent Wreck

Danica Patrick’s recent wreck in the Daytona 500 qualifying races highlighted two major things: (1) Danica Patrick is one tough woman, and (2) NASCAR has developed remarkable standards and safety measures to protect its drivers. If you take a look at the crash and Patrick’s reaction (ESPN), you would know what I mean.

Patrick was driving upwards 190 mph before losing control of her car and crashing into the wall. It was scary to watch, but she was able to walk away essentially unscathed and with a positive outlook. She tweeted to her fans shortly after the incident, “Well….that was a bummer. I am ok, icing my sore spots down, getting ready for the weekend! Thanks for the concern.”

Aside from recognizing Patrick’s courage and success in a male-dominated sport, it is also important to acknowledge the safety mechanisms NASCAR has put in place. The reason Patrick and other drivers are able to sustain high speed collisions in their supercars is in part due to the “soft wall” technology surrounding the tracks. These are made from crushable foam insulation placed behind rows of square steel tubes that absorb a significant amount of the energy upon impact. The racing seats form around the driver’s head and neck to prevent such injuries, and welded metal fuel tanks have been replaced by fuel cells comprised of a rubber bladder and foam to minimize the risk of combustion. Cars are also equipped with what is known as check valves, which will shut off fuel in the event that the engine separates from the car. These features, along with highly developed helmets, roll cages, and fire retardant suits, protect NASCAR drivers tremendously.

Danica Patrick's #10 GoDadddy wreck aftermath

Even with all this in place, it takes a bold individual with a great deal of nerve and skill to race at these speeds in a pack of cars fighting for position. As Danica Patrick possesses these qualities, she kept her cool enough to remember to take her hands off the steering wheel upon impact. According to experts, this prevented her from potentially breaking her wrist or hands. Such education to drivers is another element of NASCAR safety precautions.

With all this in mind and an inherently bold character, Patrick told reporters after the wreck, “Maybe the backup car will be faster.”

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