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Used Cars: Wants Versus Needs

I had a customer visit the dealership and wanted to test drive a Range Rover, SL550 and a 750Li because she wasn’t sure what she wanted. However, test driving different types of vehicles is not the solution.  This will create more confusion instead of helping you make up your mind.  Finding the right car to match your lifestyle can be a ovewhelming experience.  A good salesperson will carefully listen to the customer’s needs and concerns to help them make a suitable purchase.


Shave the Fat

Before you begin your search, understand your stage in life.  If you have young children at home and are shopping for a “main” vehicle, a two seater convertible is obviously out of the question.  Don’t wast your time (or the salesperson’s) test driving something that clearly doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

There are blogs that tell you to be stone-faced and impersonal with your salesperson. (This is not my point of view).  Understand she/he  is there to gather information to show you cars that meet your needs and make a qualitative decision.

Some reasonable questions may be:

Will this be your main vehicle?

Are you married / have children?

How long have you had your current car?

  • This is to understand if they are a 2 – 3 year and out “kind of person.”
  • Do they plan on keeping this car 10 years then give it to their children?


Add to Cart

Let me start by saying, cost is important but not the main factor in finding your perfect vehicle.  When starting your search you need to make a list of your wants versus your needs.  Take into consideration your day to day interactions, i.e. kids, hobbies or shopping.

What options are a must have?

  • Passenger seating (3rd row seat)
  • Miles per gallon (MPG’s)
  • Cargo space
  • Heated seats (rear) / steering wheel
  • 4WD
  • Backup camera
  • Navigation

What are you willing to COMPROMISE?

When searching for a pre-owned car, it may have the right options but not be the right color.  It can be the perfect color and is missing an option you really want.  You should be willing to compromise to get the right deal.  Don’t win the battle just to lose the war.

Mike Goodall

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