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Porsche’s Street-Legal Racecar: The Carrera GT

Every so often a car comes to market so sultry, so ridiculous, so expensive that few will ever lays eyes on it. Even fewer will get to hear the howl of the F-1 derived 5.7 liter V-10 gracing such a car. Case in point…The Porsche Carrera GT. Built for three years (2004-2006) only, less than 1300 Carrera GT’s are in existence. Factor in the $440,000 price tag (new) and stratospheric costs to drive and maintain, my guess is that you won’t see one at the local gas & go. Most of these stunning GT’s are safely tucked away in the collections of the ultra wealthy.

The design and engineering on the Carrera GT is so amazing, I’m not sure where to begin. I suppose the carbon fiber monocoque chassis is worth mentioning. The subframe is made with carbon fiber reinforced plastic and is extremely strong despite very few metal parts. The carbon fiber undertray is attached at multiple points under the car. It helps keep the airflow smooth as it approaches terminal velocity. The GT’s wing automatically deploys at 70 mph preventing liftoff as you near the 200+ mph top speed. A beautiful inboard suspension with push-rod activated shocks and huge anti-roll bars also perform their duties keeping the car composed in the twisties. Huge 15″ carbon ceramic brakes bring the Carrera GT back to legal limits after each high speed run. Porsche’s street legal race car has single center lug wheels that are 19″ in front and 20″ in the rear. Let’s not forget the stunning carbon fiber bodywork that includes t-top like removable roof panels.

Mounted behind the cockpit, the heart of this beautiful machine is a 5.7 liter V-10 producing 612 asphalt melting horsepower at an astronomical 8,000 rpm. The engine was originally developed for F-1 and later continued for LeMans. A 6-speed manual gearbox is the only transmission available which works with a two plate ceramic composite clutch getting the power to the rear wheels. The scream of this V-10 is a true delight, and is something to which no video can do justice.

Although it’s DNA is all racecar, Porsche still offered some luxury features. It has incredibly supportive seats covered in leather. Bose sound with internet radio and navigation are options. The Carrera GT was available in 5 basic colors. Red, Yellow, Black, Silver and Gray. Special order colors were offered at additional cost. If you are lucky enough to ever see this stunning creation make sure you take a picture. I’m sure it will be awhile before you have the chance again.

Carguy Michael

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