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US Ingenuity Shines through Fisker Automotive

There is no question that the everyday car will eventually transition to alternate energy sources. We have seen a number of electric vehicles released to the market, but there are few that we could see taking the place of the luxury and sport gasoline-fueled cars we know and love. That may change sooner than expected. California based Fisker Automotive was founded in 2007 with a vision of creating the first line of premium luxury hybrid vehicles.

Then the 2012 Karma was born, and was hailed as the Luxury Car of the Year by Top Gear, the world’s leading automotive magazine. What strikes many about this is the fact that Top Gear is based in Europe, and granted this award to a five-year-old American manufacturer in the face of German and Italian competition that has dominated the luxury and sports car market.

What makes the Fisker brand and its products so special? The design, inspired by the “elegant lines of windswept sand dunes,” is sure to turn heads. There are unique features such as a solar roof that captures enough energy from the sun to give the car up to an extra 200 miles of driving a year. The break pads are able to transfer kinetic energy from slowing down to the battery to allow for more efficient breaking. Finally, the dual electric motors are like nothing we have ever seen before. There is an internal combustion engine that kicks in after about 50 miles of driving, but this serves only to power the electric motors thus creating a purely electric driving experience. All this translates into a 2.0 L, 4-cylinder 240 horsepower hybrid that hits 0-60 mph in 6.3 sec topping out at 125 mph.

Fisker’s first baby isn’t perfect, though. The EPA rated the 2012 Karma to run at only 20 miles per gallon, a rate that many non-hybrid vehicles beat. But this should not discount the strides the young carmaker has made in terms of American design and engineering in creating a hybrid that can compete with gasoline-powered European autos. Creating over 700 US jobs in California and Delaware, and doing business with over 40 American suppliers including GM and Goodyear, Fisker’s ingenuity should be applauded in a time when this seemed to be lacking amidst the recent turmoil of our economy.

Inaya Sabbak

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