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The Ultimate Driving Machine: The BMW 7 Series

How many of you remember how excited you were when you got your first cool car? Mine was a 1979 black/black 733i with a front and rear spoiler, 4 really bent wheels, and a strut tower that was welded together by the neighborhood fence man in East New York, Brooklyn. I loved that car. That was when I fell in love with BMW 7 series. There are nice cars, and then there is the ultimate driving machine! If you are looking for a full size luxury sedan bring back the excitement you lost with the mundane daily driver, then it’s time to make a change.

I am writing the post as a BMW consumer, and I currently drive a 2006 750i Sport. The 7 series (reviews) commands respect whether standing still or cruising on the Highway. Its luxury appointments make you feel like you’re in your leather recliner with remotes in hand.  Now if you’re an aggressive driver or a cruiser you will not be disappointed with the performance and handling of this car. For a large sedan it is very quick (362hp) and responsive. Style wise, there is not another highline luxury sedan on the market that can compete with the styling of this car. I have seen and driven them all including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or Lexus LS which are the closest competitors in the same class.

There are some quirks that might get you annoyed with the I-Drive system in the car. But the best way to look at the system is like windows and mouse on your computer. You go on the application you want then click on it (navigation, climate, audio, etc.). Other than that, do your regular service on it and enjoy the ride. You can get hundreds of thousands of miles out of a BMW as long as you keep it properly maintained.

Every time you get in your car you should be excited. When you drive a 750i or Li, you will enjoy yourself. So, join the BMW family and you will soon understand why it is called the “ultimate driving machine”.

-Roger Evanson
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