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SIGALERT…A New Way to Live Traffic!

Ever wondered what the current traffic is for your upcoming commute? Well SIGALERT may be just what you are looking for!

By far this has become one of my favorite sites when it come to staying ahead on traffic info. I was introduced to SIGALERT a few months ago by a friend of mine. He was always needing to wait for the latest traffic update via the radio which was only mentioned every 15 minutes or so, yet it only took in 5 minutes to get to the closest expressway.  Sometimes by the time the radio announced the latest report it was too late and he would get caught up in traffic and late to work or his engagements. Then he found SIGALERT!

SIGALERT is a unique site that shows you local traffic based on live time. You simply find your location, save it and when needed just log in to see how things are looking in live time. I use it first thing every morning to monitor my driving time. If I see it conjested I leave somewhat earlier to my engagement, work etc. Once you know what’s ahead of you it takes off most of the stress of driving in crazy traffic. By the way… there’s an app for that!


Orlando Lopez

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