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Our Finance Manager Welcomes Southern Estate’s White Night

Southern Estate's White Night

Welcoming Southern Estate’s White Night into this World!

Liz came home yesterday thinking the dogs had  found a white towel and carried it out into the pasture after seeing a  pure white clump lying motionless with nothing around. Little did she know…Southern Estate’s White Night was born hours earlier and his maiden mom whose milk had not dropped abandoned him not knowing what to do. Liz stopped her car and ran to his rescue perhaps minutes before his premature death, wrapped him in her suit jacket to try to warm his cold body as she rushed him to the house. This picture was taken in our bedroom with him alert and warm in front of a space heater. The golden retrievers were a little concerned thinking their mom had been on yet  another successful pet shopping spree and they now had a new playmate!

Once his body temperature was normal she carried him back out to the pasture to claim his mom but there were no takers. For such an adorable little boy you would think they would all be running over to claim this exquisite prize as their own.  After examining the herd of pregnant females she noticed traces of blood on TDL’s Accoyo Catarina’s back legs and the connection was made and the mystery was solved. Unfortunately, there was no bond between the two as Liz had the entire herd migrate back to the barn while using the “phone a friend” option to get advice on what needed to be done.

Our neighbor, Trish McEntyre eagerly rushed  to her aid bringing goats milk and ropes to secure Catarina trying to force her to nurse her new 10 pound cria (baby alpaca). Nicole Taylor of Adonai’s Alpacas became her new angel after agreeing to drive two hours to lend a hand and even offered to possibly bring them home for the extra care that might be required. White Night became a quick learner on nursing from a bottle and acquired an enormous appetite for warm goat milk as he devoured every bottle presented to him with a new outlook on life in this new tough world.

After much discussion on the projected care that was ahead we all agreed Nicole should take Catarina and her new boy home with her because she could give them the 24 hour care they would probably need. All is well today with both Catarina and her now nursing little boy!

Jerry Bates, Finance Director/Select Luxury Cars

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