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Cars of Tomorrow: Syncing with the Consumer of Today

1967 Ford Shelby Mustang

What can we expect to see in the next generation of cars? In the past we have seen American Classics like the Mustang evolve from its original style to a 21stcentury retro-fit. We have seen Porsche modify the sleek, simple design of the 911. Every year car models look better, have more under the hood, better fuel efficiency and improved safety features.

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

But we as consumers are beginning to expect more from our favorite manufacturers, as technology is changing in other areas of our lives. Recent innovations in our phones and computers have integrated some of the most important aspects of our life such as social media, work, and entertainment. Given this, we should expect the same to occur within the confines of our vehicle. As technology evolves around us, so do our preferences, and car manufacturers will inevitably catch on.

That is why in the near future we can expect to see manufacturers invest more in integrating our vehicles with our iPhone’s, Android’s, iTune’s libraries, favorite social networks, Outlook inboxes, and any other aspects of our lives that have become central to getting through the day.

Take a look at what the gas-electric hybrid Chevy Volt can do. From an app on your iPhone, you can monitor battery, fuel, and oil, and even lock/unlock your car from anywhere. This is all integrated with OnStar for any service needs you may request directly from the application.

Chevy Volt App

Many cars now come standard with Bluetooth to talk on your phone wirelessly, and have plug-ins for your iPod as well.

But these advances will not stop here, nor are they enough to satisfy the tech savvy consumer of today. When we can ask Siri for directions to the nearest Starbucks, and have that pop up immediately on our phone, we want that in the navigation system in our car. When our music library can sync between our phones, computers, and tablets via a cloud-based network, we want that in our car’s entertainment system. We want to ask our car to play our favorite song, turn to the news on satellite radio, read the last email from a co-worker, and even tell us our tire pressure.

Our car should be able to tell us all these things, and perform these functionalities, without us ever having to take our eyes off the road, or our hands off the steering wheel.

-Inaya Sabbak

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