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Perhaps Performance isn’t Just a Dream…

Lets be honest with ourselves for a second – we have all dreamed of owning a fast car. Be it the red Ferrari, yellow Lamborghini or the stunning Aston Martin Rapide. We all have that urge deep down that wants a cool, fast car but perhaps its practicality or the cost that has kept us from jumping into the ride of lives.

Well, with used cars a lot can change. You can buy a $440,000 Porsche for near $300,000 or buy a $120,000 7 Series for under $80,000 just a few years later. Go back a few more years and you get some unbelievable deals on cars you could only dream about driving – much less owning.

The prime example of this would be the perfect compromise between a family sedan and a sports car. Often referred to as the ultimate sports sedan… you guessed it: The BMW M5. Now for most of us, the E60 M5 (the one with the 500 HP V10 – Yeah that one..) is still a little out of reach at around $40,000. But often we forget about the E39. Built between 1996 and 2003, the E39 is a brilliant car and even more so when we see one with the ///M badge on the back.

2003 BMW M5 AngleThe E39 M5 features a 400 HP 5.0 Liter V8, quad exhaust, and a 6 speed manual transmission. Yes, 400 HP! Now you may be thinking that there is no way on earth you can afford a 400 HP luxury sedan, but you may be mistaken. E39 M5’s list for around $20,000 – with mileage being the big decision maker here. Sadly, the M5 is often customized and is “violated” so you should be careful and have the car inspected before you purchase – however thats true for any used car! So if you can find one, and it has acceptable mileage, the E39 M5 could allow you to live your dreams of having a “fun” car without destroying your bank account!

Other cars with similar stats would include the Jaguar XJR which features a supercharged, 400HP V8 and gorgeous styling or the Mercedes E55 AMG which features an astounding 469 HP and 516 ft/lb of torque! Cars we used to only dream about are now much more “available” to those of us who don’t just go out and buy a new car every year.

So while looking for your next used car, dont just make the immediate assumption the you can’t have a sports car or a luxury car. Give it a try and see what you can find!

Stay tuned – our E39 M5 road review is on the way!

-Lincoln Fantaski

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