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911 and beyond…

Few manufacturers have achieved what Porsche has with the 911. Recognizable anywhere; the 911 has become an icon among automobile enthusiasts and little has changed since the 911 was first introduced in 1964. The vision and soul of this sportscar has held fast yet it continues to evolve.

For 2012, this timeless icon grows bigger, faster, and is packed with cutting edge technology. Unmistakable as anything but a 911, the biggest change is the Panamera cockpit type interior. Porsche has managed to make the 911 one of the longest continuously produced automobiles in history. While Porsche has continued to evolve, one fact remains, the 911 is a world class sports car. With its legendary shape and rear engine layout, few cars have the quality, performance, reliability, and handling. Perhaps that’s why it’s incredible that Porsche has consistently kept enthusiasts coming back for almost half a century.

-Carguy Michael

Click here to read original review from AutoBlog.

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