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Yelp Now In Your BMW In-Dash Display

BMW announced today that they updated it’s In-Dash Display to include Yelp. Drivers of vehicles equipped with BMW Online will be able to access Yelp through an uploadable app on the new applications screen that was added with the BMW Online update.
Yelp uses reviews in a social network functionality for consumers to create a local on-line community. Its basically a reputation based search engine where local users can rate a business based off of personal experience- the new word of mouth.  So while crusing around in your BMW, you can go to the Yelp App and find a restaurant and it’s reviews.

The article listed below, states “Yelp isn’t the first embedded application BMW has added to vehicles. BMW Online also offers customers Google search capability and access to Bloomberg news from the in-dash display. Nor will Yelp be the last–a BMW spokesperson indicated that the company will offer more downloadable applications in the future at the same time it is also pursuing more smartphone-based application integrations for ConnectedDrive.”
Here is the link to the article. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57346213-1/now-you-can-yelp-in-your-bmw/

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