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New Heads-Up Display Utilizing Your Entire Windshield – By GM

The folks at General Motors have come up with a new type of heads-up display, this time around using the whole windshield rather than just a small section.  This takes it a step further than even the BMW 7-Series Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection system.  An article in Wired tells more:

GM says it's next-generation heads-up system can use lasers and lane detection sensors to project a "virtual" road edge onto the windshield to help drivers stay on the road during bad weather.

Rather than project info onto a portion of the windshield, GM’s latest experiment uses the entire windshield as a display. Small ultraviolet lasers project data gleaned from sensors and cameras onto the glass. General Motors geeks are working alongside researchers from several universities to develop a system that integrates night vision, navigation and on-board cameras to improve our ability to see — and avoid — problems, particularly in adverse conditions like fog.

“We’re looking to create enhanced vision systems,” says Thomas Seder, a lab manager at GM’s big R&D center in Warren, Michigan.

Trying to make a workable head-up display is a laudable goal. Drivers are inundated by ever-more information from navigation systems and the like, and they need to be able to see and process it easily while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. A practical head-up display allows that.

GM’s experimental system goes beyond the night-vision system found in cars like the BMW 7-Series and the HUDs you find in, say, the Chevrolet Corvette or Buick LaCrosse. While those systems will tell you how fast you’re going or whether you’ve left the turn signal on again, Version 2.0 could make you a safer driver.

“Let’s say you’re driving in fog, we could use the vehicle’s infrared cameras to identify where the edge of the road is and the lasers could ‘paint’ the edge of the road onto the windshield so the driver knows where the edge of the road is,”

Read More http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/03/gm-next-gen-heads-up-display/#ixzz0ifJwZjCk

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