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(Looks, Composition, acceleration, revving, Superior price)  A GUIDE FOR BUYING AT SELECT LUXURY CARS

This is what the blog will be named.                                                                                                                    

Bigger letters matter more, but without all of them none would matter at all.

Luxury: if you look really closely before the C then you can see an L which stands for luxury, as in my mom saw a car commercial and said that she would want a car like that, the outside looks luxurious and so do the seats, but it’s no bat mobile! The car she saw was later linked to multiple cars swerving off road and the steering wheel would jam if you tried to U-turn (or turn at all).  And don’t get me wrong luxurious looks mater (but without the tow) not that much however. So if you see a real nice car and you want to buy it then follow these next 4 steps and you’ll be set.

Composition: If the car has bad composition (overall pieces of the car) then it would fall apart.

Acceleration: this one pretty much speaks for itself. (You don’t want a slow car do you?)

Revving: this is of lesser importance, but the revving of the engine will make a BIG difference if it will make much more noise than a coughing and sputtering noise. (Just don’t ruin everyone’s peaceful morning).

                Superior price: the most important component           (composition’s runner up) to looking for and buying a superior car at SLC (select luxury cars) All the cars are priced evenly and are great deals overall.

So this was the first blog.

It should update every two weeks and will have new car notifications, deals, guides, information and acronyms.

Flame out!

Annnd I’m never saying that again. EVER.

Greg Pultz


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Creating a bucket list is one of the best ways to make sure that you use your time and resources in order to accomplish and experience what you really want out of life. Have you ever sat down to ponder just what things you would like to accomplish before the lights go out on broadway. Maybe a Language list, an adventure list,,, natural wonders list,,, foods to eat,,, places to go list,,, or how about cars to drive bucket list as that is one of my to of the list favorites. There are several cars that I would like to add to this list, such as driving a Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4, a Bugatti, even a Fiskar Karma among others.  Check out the movie BUCKET LIST with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson…It’s hilarious!

A three-quarter front view of a 2012 Fisker KarmaA three-quarter front view of a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

I’ve already started on my list….what are you waiting for?…Just grab a piece of paper and start writing. Your limited only by your  imagination…..

Select Luxury Cars, located in Marietta, Ga. on Highway 41, hand “Selects” every vehicle. We specialize in the highest quality automobile made all over the world. Whether you live here in the Atlanta area or anywhere around the world, we will find the exact car you are dreaming of. If you are looking for a Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari or other high end model, begin your search here. http://www.selectluxury.com

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Ship or pickup?…

Purchasing a car online is becoming the way to buy a car in today’s world. With a wealth of information at your finger tips you can turn your search from local to nationwide. There are many dealers selling quailty vehicles online. You can find reviews for just about any dealer that will help you decide to do business with them. After you you decide to purchase a vehicle online, the next question becomes how do I get it home.

You can of course drive to pick up the car, fly in or you can have it shipped to your driveway. By the time you figure in the cost of gas, time and effort, it makes sense to use transport compant to bring your new ride to you. I have had great service from CC Auto Movers. I would highly recommend using their service the next time you purchase a vehicle that is not near you. You can find them at www.ccautomovers.com be sure to tell them Carguy Michael sent you.

Carguy Michael

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My Daughters Car

So I got my daughter a car (Mazda Protégé) on Craig’s List last week. It turned out to be a pretty good car. It needed some minor TLC, as expected, but overall it was a good deal. We had to buy new tires. I will not name the brand. Being a 1998 model, I figured I would save some money by purchasing a set of discount tires. What a Big Mistake!!
Saturday night I was driving the car when the inside of one tire shredded and blew off the rim. It was a very scary thing to have happen at 60 mph. I’m just glad it happened when I was driving the car and not her. I took the car to have the tire replaced. They took the old tire (new tire) off the rim and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire inside of the tire was completely shredded and came spilling out. The guy at the tire place told me that brand of tire is a very cheap brand and they do not sell it at their place because of too many problems. So the lesson I learned this weekend was not to take the cheap route when it comes to my child’s safety behind the wheel and to ALWAYS do better when researching parts for her car. I suggest you all do the same.

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Caffeine and Octane

If you are a gearhead in the metro Atlanta area you probably already know about Caffeine and Octane. Started several years ago, the monthly carshow has grown into a 500+ car event on the first Sunday of every month. The show grounds are located right off of Windward Pkwy in Alpharetta. I recently attended this amazing event. There were cars ranging in value from $1000 to $200k+ covering just about every genre. Several vendors offering coffee (caffeine) and breakfast treats are also present. I chose a vendor that was fundraising for breast cancer research.

If you decide to go, I highly recommend getting there by 7:30am to find a decent parking spot.  The show offically runs from 8am till 11am. There is plenty of room for spectators as well. The smell of high “Octane” fuel fills the air. If you are looking for a show that has a wide range of vehicles and wont cost you a penny, you must visit Caffeine and Octane on the 1st Sunday of every month. For more information vist their website www.caffeineandoctane.com

Carguy Michael

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How To Get The Best Value For Your Trade

For most people, dealing with trading-in a car when buying a new one often seems like more of a hassle than a real opportunity to get a decent amount for the next car. What we are unaware of is how much we can actually do to influence the value of our trade in vehicles. One thing we can all agree on is that with the present day economy every little bit of extra cash can go a long way.

1. Do Your Research
First thing you should do is search online to see what your car is worth and for how much your model has been selling. That is your starting point. But, before you do anything else, make sure you modify your mind set. Don’t think only about what you paid for your car and how much you found that it is now actually worth. You have to start thinking like a salespeople working for a car dealership. Put yourself in their shoes and prepare yourself well before you face them.

2. Make it Look it’s Best
So, before you bring your car to be sold, make sure that you properly clean your car, inside and out. No garbage should be left anywhere. Even the glove compartment should be cleaned out with only car’s documentation and maintenance records left inside. After you wash its exterior, consider doing a swift polishing job. Even ten minutes of running some polishing rags around cars doors will make it look great. This cleaning is not only meant to make your car look better. You will also show that you are responsible person who was taking good care of your car. You will also show you actually care about your car. It will influence dealership personnel to show you considerably more respect when making your actual offer.

3. Find the Right Dealer
Another homework assignment- you should do before taking your car to a dealership is to scout around and find which dealer may offer you best deals. If you just visit their parking lots, you will be able to see firsthand how many trade-ins verses how many new cars they have on a lot. Those that have large stocks of new cars might be pressured to offer you better deals so they can move their inventory.

5. Negotiate
Once you select your dealer and start negotiating, make sure you stay relaxed and flexible. If there is some minor problem with the car, feel free to point it out. Car dealer may actually offer you a better price if they know the actual state of the car.

So, the lesson here is to do your research prior to going out. Your time is precious and to waste it makes no sense.

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The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe made its first appearance, Mercedes launched its CLS-Class so long ago that it’s already well into its second generation, so the world figured BMW should have had a rival before now.

In fairness, BMW hasn’t been completely idle these past few years. It introduced a white-space car of its own: the 5 Series GT, which hasn’t been enthusiastically received. Maybe the product planners should have shuffled the pack and launched the 6 Gran Coupe ahead of the 5 Gran Turismo. The 2013 6 Series Gran Coupe seems set to soar. It looks gorgeous.

Actually, the Gran Coupe isn’t quite a direct CLS competitor. It’s bigger, and the V-8 model will be more expensive than the base CLS550. Couple the large, 6 Series-like footprint with a low roof, and it has a commanding, graceful presence. Viewing it from the front or rear, you’re struck by how much wider the lower body is. It’s less ornamented than the second-gen Mercedes CLS, but not as plain-surfaced as the Porsche Panamera.

The nose and tail are the same as the 6 Series coupe, minus a couple of decorative chrome fillets in the front clip. The front doors are shorter than the 6 coupe’s, but the rears overcompensate. They open onto a bench that will seat two people in decent comfort, three in a pinch. Rear legroom certainly isn’t the match of a large sedan, but headspace is adequate even for taller men.

At the wheel, the dash and front seats mostly are a carbon copy of the 6 Series layout. This gives you a low and snug driving position. It feels like a car for driving far and fast.

So the Gran Coupe walks onto the luxury-coupe stage able to hold it’s own and become a benchmark for competing car companies.



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